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The COVID-19 health crisis pushed us all to make changes. One of the biggest changes was it changed how we meet for therapy.

Switching to Telehealth sessions took some adjustment for all of us and posed some unique challenges. 

We also found out some great benefits to Telehealth:

-Clients are also likely to incur fewer therapy-associated expenses when they do not have to travel to receive treatment or pay for child care.

-Increased opportunities for scheduling. Clients have found it easier to schedule sessions during the day when utilizing Telehealth.

-Increased privacy: People who choose our Telehealth option do not have to sit in busy waiting rooms but can seek treatment in the privacy of their own homes. For some, this alleviates privacy concerns.

-Better public health: The COVID-19 health crisis demonstrates that the ability to seek medical care at home can slow the spread of illness and protect vulnerable populations. Telehealth allows people to access effective mental health treatment at home without risking the spread of infection during epidemics and pandemics.

-You can participate in Telehealth from a computer, tablet, or phone. All you need is a solid internet connection and a video camera. 

If this therapy opportunity meets your needs please do not hesitate to contact us!

We can help you achieve your goals through virtual therapy, or Telehealth.