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First Responders

I have devoted my career to become uniquely qualified to counsel first responders as individuals and couples, using evidence-based treatments to help them heal, grow, and thrive.

I comes from a family of first responders and have helped evolve and grow the statewide recognized Clinician Awareness Program for both the fire and law enforcement demographic. I am the past Clinical Director of the Florida Firefighter Safety and Health Collaborative and is honored to be uniquely qualified to counsel this specific population.

My educational mission is focused on teaching resilience. First responders have unique natural defense mechanisms that can, at times, serve them well when on the job. However, can impede the normal growth processes in their personal relationships. I help guide my patients towards a communicative and connected lifestyle with their partners while preserving the survival skill set they rely on when they are “on the clock”.

Therapy with first responders is real and at times raw. To be effective on your healing path it takes a therapist that has been immersed in the world to help create change and guide you towards growth.

I’m familiar with the subculture, chain of command, social expectations, necessary defenses, and special challenges that come with this line of work. Given that I’m also a trained sex therapist, I’m in a unique position to work with first responder couples in specifically on how this career path can affect intimacy and communication as well.